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    KK is the Top Motivation Speaker in Kenya who shares incredible personal stories of success, failure, persistence, hard work, and the events that have changed his life.

    With his experience in Corporate Training, you’ll have everything you need for your human capital development and transformative Online and In-house staff trainings.

    As the pioneer of Team Building Training in Kenya, KK has developed Thousands of experiential team-building games for staff motivation, training and development since 2008.

    Catch up with KK every Tuesdays at 10.Am live on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram as he host some of the most successful Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Political & Religious Leaders who are transforming the African Continent.

    Success and Legacy are determined by how many lives you impact and KK demonstrates it through Mentorship programs; Motivation Speakers Academy, Business Clinic, Youth Life Skills Clinic & Students Boot camp

    KK story can’t be complete without GN Life, a Non-profit Organization he started in 2006 way before venturing in business with a mission of Inspiring young Men & Women to realize their talents and purpose in life.

    About KK

    Family Man, Motivational Speaker, Team Builder, Corporate Trainer, Author & Businessman

    KK is a Motivational Speaker, Team Building Coach, Corporate Trainer, Author, Ex-Accountant, Worshiper, International performance coach, Entrepreneur, Change Agent. The young enthusiastic CEO has wide experience in the corporate arena.


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    KK TV.

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    Success stories from our clients

    Upcoming Mentorship Programs with KK.

    Empowering youth of today for a better tomorrow

    Post Covid Business Clinic

    Repositioning yourself after Covid-19 disruption Business Clinic with KK. After the world renovation by Covid crisis, it can only get better. Lets reboot together

    Youth Life Skills Clinic

    Join KK Youth Boot Camp and learn important life skills; from Relationships, Career paths, Networking, Talents & Gifts to Business Skills.

    Boys 2 Men Boot Camp

    Enroll your BOY with KK Boys 2 Men boot camp aimed at raising young boys to acquire Godly values, Gain Confidence, Social, Communication, Leadership & team work skills

    Talents & Gifts Boot Camp

    A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men. Join KK end year Gifts & Talents Boot Camp to as we learn how to Discover, Package and Monetize your Gifts and Talents.


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