Personal Development Training in Kenya with KK

Personal Development Training  in Kenya with KK

Personal development is all about changing your habits and lifestyle so that you can achieve your goals much more quickly and effectively. Progress, knowledge, self-awareness, and management are all aspects of personal growth.

All of these elements will help you be more productive. What impact does personal development have on workplace productivity? Self-development is essential for success and advancement at work. It all comes down to you and the abilities you use to cope with situations and people. Personal growth and productivity is a collection of abilities that allows you to put your talents, knowledge, resources, time, and energy to good use in order to achieve your goals.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Productivity in the workplace
  • Goal achievement
  • Work life balance
  • Confidence and assertiveness
  • Stress reduction and management
  • Make the most of available resources and put specific skills to good use.
  • Make a personal growth plan with attainable goals.
  • Adopt a new perspective of self-improvement, positivism, and empowerment

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Benefits of Personal Development Training 

  • Setting smart goals
  • Managing priorities and improved productivity
  • Enhanced communication
  • Optimism and problem solving skills
  • Enhanced time management
  • Collaborating and being a team player
  • Ability to deal with life’s distractions and interruptions





Topic 1. Defining productivity

Topic 2. Techniques of boosting productivity

Topic 3. Priority setting

Topic 4. Time management

Topic 5. Goal setting

Topic 6. Assertiveness

Topic 7. Communication skills

Topic 8. Psychology of developing personality

Topic 9. Team work

Topic 10. Capacity Building

NB: Please note we also tailor our Training Programs to meet your needs.

Target Audience 

This training is for people who want to improve their productivity by learning about and strengthening their personal abilities. This is for all employees, business owners, and supervisors who want to instill Personal Development and Productivity Skills in order to have more activities done in less time.

Officers, executives, sales and business development teams, members of the professional development faculty, administrators, supervisors, managers, businessmen, and anybody seeking a good approach in life would benefit from this course.

Course Duration

  • 2 Days Full Course
  • 4 Hours Crush Program

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