Entrepreneurship Training in Kenya with KK

Entrepreneurship Training in Kenya with KK

Entrepreneurial training is a type of education that aims to help people enhance their entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurial training programs focus on motivating potential entrepreneurs, aiding them in pursuing acceptable activities and businesses, developing their enterprise development abilities, and assisting them in producing economically and technically feasible project reports. Tests, role plays, psychological games, goal-setting exercises, and other sorts of motivational inputs are just a few examples. The major goals of these inputs are to assist individuals in better understanding their entrepreneurial mentality, improving self-concept and values through self-study, and developing supporting entrepreneurial behavior.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Self-employment
  • Risk mitigation ready
  • Strategic decision making
  • Equipped with the legalities surrounding entrepreneurship
  • Grasp what it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Recognize the role of the entrepreneur in the successful commercialization of new ideas
  • Confirm an innovative business concept
  • Uncover personal characteristics that allow you to make the most of your entrepreneurial possibilities
  • Investigate the leadership and management styles of entrepreneurs.

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Benefits of Entrepreneurship Skills Training

  • Preparedness for unprecedented business changes
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Risk and problem identification skills
  • Develop perseverance
  • Solving problems

Skills Training

Skills Training

Skills Training


Topic 1. Defining Entrepreneurship

Topic 2. Importance of entrepreneurship skills

Topic 3. Fundamentals of a business plan

Topic 4. The Basic skills of entrepreneurship

Topic 5.  Finance

Topic 6. Resource allocation

Topic 7. Market survey| Business gaps

Topic 8. Challenges experienced

Topic 9. Banking

NBPlease note we also tailor our Training Programs to meet your needs.

Target Audience 

Entrepreneurship training is for anyone who wants to venture into the business world on how to startup and manage businesses. Our training is also suitable for those in entrepreneurship already but wish to refine their skills.

Course Duration

  • 2 Days Full Course
  • 4 Hours Crush Program

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