Stress and Burnout Management, Mental Health Training  in Kenya

Stress and Burnout Management Training  in Kenya with KK

Workplace stress management necessitates more than just advice. We’re being pulled in a lot of different directions because of the changing economic times. The lines separating work and personal life are becoming increasingly blurred. As a result, the effects of workplace stress stem from what happens to us all including both and off the job.

Employees use these cognitive coping training tools to get more of what’s essential to them completed on time through fully engaging learning. Organizational abilities are strengthened, resulting in fewer items setbacks.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Reduced organizational and personal stress
  • Proper decision making
  • Increased responsibility and productivity
  • Proper work life balance
  • Job satisfaction
  • Employee retention
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved communication
  • Increased Staff Engagement

Happy Clients Feedback

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Benefits Stress & Burnout Management Training 

You can boost motivation, productivity, commitment and devotion to the organization, and, most importantly, revenue by supporting your employees’ well-being. Other benefits include reduced work absenteeism, employee retention and promotion of a healthy culture.





  • Work-related stress definition
  • Identifying various stressors and the tool of control
  • Benefits and cost of minimizing stress
  • Stress management tools
  • Signs and symptoms of stress
  • Decision making
  • Emotional intelligence as a stress management tool

NB: Please note we also tailor our Training Programs to meet your needs.

Target Audience 

  1. Employees to become more aware of their own stress levels and to learn how to manage stress more efficiently.
  2. Supervisors, team leaders and managers who want to learn how to manage and minimize work-related stress.

Course Duration

  • 2 Days Full Course
  • 4 Hours Crush Program

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