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KK knows what it feels like to encounter failures, challenges and disappointments. Growing up in the villages of Murang’a County, Kenya KK had to overcome failure and adversity. But he discovered the secrets to greatness and unlocking potential and now  by Gods grace he speaks to thousands all over equipping others with champion skills for greatness.

KK brings his years of experience as a Born Again Christian, Family Man, Father of Three, Entrepreneur,  Business Consultant, Motivation Speaker, Author, International Team Building Coach

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  • Because we care about their Future
  • Improved soft Skills
  • Lower high school dropout rates
  • Cab the high rise of student Unrest
  • For Healthier relationships with parents, teachers, and peers
  • Better attitude about school & subjects
  • Improved behavior, both at home and at school
  • Decreased likelihood of initiating drug, alcohol & immorality

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Kariuki Kamau is an accomplished author and some of his Best Sellers Listed below are now availble on bookstores near you, you can  also order online on Amazon or call the number below and our rider will deliver at the hard copy comfort of your desk.


Students, Schools  Motivation   Talks in  Kenya


Strong Foundation Pillars

Life Skills for Highschoolers

Building a Healthy Mindset

Atomic Habits for Champions

Paying the Price for Greatness

Balancing Books, Talent & Hobby

The Map to Manhood

Get What you Want

Thickets of Adolescence

Discovering your Talents


Overcoming Rejection

God Inspired Teens

Money Skills for Teens

Positive Discipline for Teenagers

Managing Anger & Stress for Teens

Christlike Lifestyle for Teens

Becoming the Light for Teens

Understanding Sexual Identity


Majoring with the Major


Drug Abuse and their effects

Dangers of Sex & Early Marriages

HIV & Aids, STDs

Gambling Addiction & Effects

Internet the necessary Evil

Toxic Relationships & Peer Pressure

Overcoming Social Media Addiction

Personal Development & Growth

Finding U Within You

Saying No to Gungstar Lifestyle

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