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Where are you Swimming in your Career or Biz

Talent  and Career development includes capitalizing on the strengths, competencies and abilities of your employees or colleagues helping them discover their terrain and also identify their shortcomings and how they can work on hem

KK brings his years of experience as an Entrepreneur, Motivation Speaker, Author, International Team Building Coach to his engaging keynotes that share practical tips while having fun.

We were all Born Naked but not Empty

He works with global brands like Equity Bank, Britam, KCB Bank, BAT, Adrian, AAR,Premier Credit,  Eabl, Centum Group, AAR Insurance just to mention a few through interactive keynotes, heart-on masterclasses and ROI focused trainings. Staff Motivational Talks  & Speaker, Employee Engagement KK is the right bet for igniting  your Staff Morale.

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Kariuki Kamau is an accomplished author and some of his Best Sellers Listed below are now availble on bookstores near you, you can  also order online on Amazon or call the number below and our rider will deliver at the hard copy comfort of your desk.


Career  &  Talent Growth    Motivation   Talks  in  Kenya


Take Your Career to the Next Level

Untapped Talent in Mine

Enlarging the place of your Tents

Repositioning Yourself

Hard Skills Get You Hired but Soft Skills Get You Promoted

Things that Matter

How To Find Your Passion

Get What you Want

Pressure release Treasure

Woken by Alarm or Purpose


Born NAKED but not EMPTY

The Debt Trap & Spending Habits

The Growth Mindset

Whatever it Takes

Saving and Investment in the Twenty-First Century

Creating Wealth & Lasting Riches

Passive Income, The Secret to Freedom and Independence

You Need a Budget

Marketing Motivation Speaker Kenya

Getting Out of Debt Joyfully


Beyond Your Talent

Talents opens Doors, Character Closes

Taking Control of the Process

The Goal

Sales Black Box

Born to Shine

From Dreams to reality

Packaging Your Talent

Stress & Burn Out Management

Kenya best Motivation Speaker

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