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From class theories as a CPA student in Accountancy Lecture Halls, Corporate Finance Departments to Managing Personal Business and still in class learning, KK have gathered a wealth of experience in both Personal & Corporate Finance & Money Management. Money Maters Talks, Personal Finance Savings, Investments in Kenya Savings Business Start ups, Debt Management, youth motivation Speakers,Personal money advisor

A budget is a tool telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. kk

KK works with global brands like Equity Bank, Britam, KCB Bank, BAT, Adrian, AAR,Premier Credit,  Eabl, Centum Group, AAR Insurance just to mention a few through interactive keynotes, heart-on masterclasses and ROI focused trainings. Staff Motivational Talks  & Speaker, Employee Engagement KK is the right bet for getting your employee financial literacy back on track. 

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Kariuki Kamau is an accomplished author and some of his Best Sellers Listed below are now availble on bookstores near you, you can  also order online on Amazon or call the number below and our rider will deliver at the hard copy comfort of your desk.


Income + Savings + Investments +  Debt Management + Spending Discipline


Budgeting Is You Friend

Saving to be SAFE

Where are your Eggs

Overcoming the Spending Tempation

Net worth or Network

Organised Success

Building your Credit Worthiness

The Power of Discipline

unyoking from Generational Ignorance

The Honey Money Fight


Disciplined Shopper

Building Lasting Wealth

How to Break Up with Mobile Loans

Passive Income Ideas

From Financial Security to Financial Freedom

STOP Sweating let your MONEY Sweat

Investing FOR or IN your Children

How to Start & Run a Business

Where & How to Invest

Getting good in Money


Kingdom Investments

Retirement Planning from Day 1 in Employment

Taking Control of the Process

Drop a Bad Spending Habit

Thriving in Love and Money in Marriage & Business

Downsizing to Lasting Wealth

Save or Slave

Baby Steps to a Millionaire

Who is Driving Who

Money Before & After Marriage

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