Change Management Training in Kenya with KK

Change Management Training in Kenya with KK

Continuous change and improvement should be embraced constantly in the workplace. Dealing with change maybe tough but it is essential for the progress of the organization. An organization that prepares and plans for change will be better capable of overcoming these obstacles and make the necessary improvements.

Internal adjustments should be adopted once the strategy or mechanism is created; unfortunately, most organizations and/or personnel are unprepared for internal policy or external strategy changes. As a result, change management training is required in almost every industry.

Your Learning Outcomes

Participants will have gained the following skills by:

  • An understanding of how organizational change affects people
  • Use cultural or organizational transformation to effectively lead and drive others.
  • Skills for effectively communicating change have been developed.
  • Assist team members in coping with change.
  • Skills set growth
  • Improved productivity
  • Agility
  • Explain the concept of change management, as well as the different types and motivations for change.
  • Analyzes and evaluates organisational change and its requirements.
  • Assesses the potential for change.
  • Can overcome opposition to change Determines which situations necessitate organisational change.
  • Change management can be linked to management techniques.
  • Knows how the organisation acts during the transition process.

Happy Clients Feedback

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Benefits of Change Management Training

  • coping with change
  • effectively communicating through change
  • appreciating and embracing change in the organization
  • enhanced motivation
  • control the varying costs of change
  • boost your company’s cooperation and partnership
  • reduce the risk of failure in the event of a change
  • reduce the risks and disruptions that come with change
  • reduce the amount of time it takes to implement a change

Change Management

Change Management

Change Management


Topic 1. Defining Change Management

Topic 2. Importance of Change Management

Topic 3. Causes of Change in the organization

Topic 4. The principle of change management

Topic 5.  Responding to change

Topic 6. Barriers to Change Management

Topic 7. Tools of Change Management

Topic 8. Adapting to Change

NB: Please note we also tailor our Training Programs to meet your needs.

Target Audience 

Our training program is designed to not only teach change management process but also principle and change management tools. This program is suitable for:

  • Managers
  • Company consultants
  • Strategy review and development teams
  • Team leaders

Course Duration

  • 2 Days Full Course
  • 4 Hours Crush Program

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