Communication Skills Trainings with KK

Communication Skills Trainings with KK

For the better part of every day, you are communicating to and with others. Whether it’s the speech you deliver in the boardroom, the level of attention you give your spouse when they are talking to you, or the look that you give to the cat, it all means something. This training will help you understand the mechanics and methods of communication and how to make the most of them.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • identify different personality types and their preferred mode of communication
  • Active listening
  • Use of inquiry as a tool of communication
  • Gaining confidence when conversing
  • Public speaking skills
  • Verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Point out barriers to effective communication and how to overcome
  • Develop and sustain effective and healthy relationships.
  • Demonstrate professional and proper ethical behavior.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of communication theory and practice.
  • Use technology to successfully communicate in a variety of locations and contexts.
  • Develop new and well-founded perspectives relevant to the individuals’ emphases by practicing critical thinking.

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Benefits of Communication Skills Training 

  • Engagement and productivity in the workplace
  • Job satisfaction
  • Conflict avoidance
  • Strengthens work relationships
  • Fosters trust
  • Fosters team cohesion
  • Communication is a catalyst for innovation.
  • It improves client relationships.
  • It improves team member participation
  • It encourages people to trust each other.





  • Introduction to communication skills
  • Communication components
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Active listening
  • Vocal impact
  • Assertiveness
  • Acknowledgement and questioning skills

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Target Audience 

This training is for anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal relationships and convey, good messages in the workplace. Both suitable for usage in business communication skills and in personal scenarios.

  • Human resource managers
  • Officials responsible for administration and communication
  • Trainers
  • Sales managers and the marketing department
  • Team leaders

Course Duration

  • 2 Days Full Course
  • 4 Hours Crush Program

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